Ángela Aguilar will bring all her Mexicanness to New York in honor of her family and her team

Pepe Aguilar’s daughter, Ángela Aguilar, will arrive with her “Piensa en Mí Tour 2023” at the Beacon Theater in New York. She will continue through several cities in the United States in a tour that she dedicates to those behind her, especially to her family.

Pepe Aguilar’s daughter, Ángela Aguilar, has assured that she will always be open to collaborations. Not in vain she already has several very successful collaborations with Yuridia, Fito Paez, Carin Leon and one with Steve Aoki. She even assured in an exclusive interview with El Diario de NY that what she sings is mariachi, Mexican, and this will be the case right now as she embarks on her fourth solo tour in the United States.

Of course, one of her key stops will be “The Big Apple”, where she said she will bring all her Mexicanness to the Beacon Theatre next Sunday, June 4 with her “Piensa en Mí Tour 2023”. But in a very funny way, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter confessed that she always arrives to New York a few days earlier. Fashion is another of Ángela’s great passions and there’s no need to explain it. You can see it a mile away.

So Ángela Aguilar dedicates a few hours before her presentations to stroll through the design houses she likes the most. This does not leave her exempt from all that a tour like “Mi Piensa en Mí Tour 2023” entails. This time she has taken much more care of the details. She talked about her team and how key it has been in this series of concerts.

In a very honest way, she confessed that, although Pepe Aguilar always has the best decisions for a tour of this magnitude, he has the delicacy to consult her about almost everything. The regional Mexican singer says that she almost always approves everything to her father. This breaks with the preconceived idea by some that her father is the hard man who decides for the singer.

Ángela Aguilar brings an innovative show to NY

Of what we will see she said that it is innovative in her career: “This show in New York is the second show of the tour, so I’m going to bring a lot of desire to be there, singing. My family will be there supporting me as always. This show is something new. I haven’t really had to prepare as much as for this tour. From having to go to the gym to focusing on my diet. Focusing on how to sing better…”

He talked about surprises, how this time he prepared several medleys and rehearsals: “I’m doing several tributes. They are versions of songs that you have never heard before… I’m singing a little bit of everything…”, said the Mexican star.

Ángela dedicates the tour to her team

Aguilar is very meticulous and organized with everything that has to do with these concerts. Her team has followed her lead, providing a first-rate level of professionalism.

That’s why the words of gratitude never ceased during the interview: “This tour is about my parents, my team, the people behind me, my friends at Live Nation who once again contributed for me… And even more so with the amount of tours in the industry this year…”.

It is no secret that many have criticized Ángela Aguilar for having an “enlarged ego”, but she proved just the opposite: “Every time I realize how less important I am and every time I realize that it is about the whole environment beyond one person… Through me there is history, traditions, songs, people, love, respect and this goes much further than me… This tour behind it is thankfulness, kindness and love…”.

Dates and cities of Ángela Aguilar’s “Piensa en Mí Tour 2023”.

The tour of the singer of “Ahí Dónde Me Ven”, “Paloma Negra” and “Se Disfrazó” kicks off on June 2 in Chicago and June 24 in Arizona. Tickets, as well as tour information, special packages and more surprises can be found on Live Nation’s website.

Fri June 02-Chicago, IL-Auditorium Theatre – Chicago
Sun Jun 04-New York, NY-Beacon Theatre
Fri Jun 09-Wheatland, CA-Hard Rock Live
Sat Jun 10-Las Vegas, NV-Pearl Theater at Palms Casino Resort
Fri Jun 16-Irving, TX-The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory
Sat June 17-Houston, TX-713 Music Hall
Fri June 23-Inglewood, CA-YouTube Theater
Sat June 24-Phoenix, AZ-Arizona Financial Theatre

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