Andrea Legarreta talks about what she really feels about Galilea Montijo

Andrea Legarreta talks about what he really feels about Galilea Montijo

In an interview with the YouTube program At Mara’s house, Andrea Legarreta talked about how she really feels for her coworker. “Yes (there is a friendship with Galilea). We have spent moments, we have lived and we have accompanied each other in difficult moments in each one’s life. We have also laughed a lot, we have enjoyed, cried and learned a lot together.”

“We love each other for who we are and despite what we are, because in the end, our history, personalities and tastes may be different and yet there is a lot of mutual respect, gratitude, complicity,” said Andrea Legarreta to the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda.

On the entrance of the tapatia to Today, Andrea recalled: “Coincidentally Gali entered at the beginning of ‘Today’; She was with Angelica Vale, Arath de la Torre on the weekends. Then Laura Flores was going to make a novel, so I was the one who told the producer: ‘It would be great if Gali came in instead of Laurita,’ and that’s how it was”.

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