After going viral the exact moment in which Alejandra Guzman while offering a show, she fell on the stage, which caused the rocker to not be able to continue with the concert and even had to be taken out on a stretcher, after this fans, family and friends in the middle of Silvia Pinal’s daughter reacted to what happened to her.

Guzmán shared a press release on her social networks explaining his state of health and what had happened to her during the show. Given this, among the first to comment and send her good wishes to the rocker was Andrea Legarreta, the current wife of whoever was the boyfriend of “la Guzmán”.

The host of the Hoy program commented on the publication of her husband’s ex-girlfriend Erik Rubín with a sincere message in which he encouraged her to continue.

“You go with everything my queen.” Legarreta wrote and accompanied the text with some emojis of hearts and celebration. Given this and as expected, the rocker immediately responded to the good wishes of the presenter of the Hoy Program.

“Thank you for always being”, Guzmán wrote followed by a red heart, with this it is more than clear that between the rocker and the host there is nothing more than pure good vibes, as they have let see the occasions in which the interpreter of “I was waiting for you” is a guest on the morning program led by Andrea Legarreta.

In addition to Andrea Legarreta, Galilea Montijo also joined the long list of people who want Alejandra Guzmán to recover soon from her hip injury.

And it is that, without saying more, Montijo commented only with emojis of little hands that form a heart, before this message “La Guzmán” also responded to the new researcher of “Who is the mask?” with a “I love you skinny”.

There were many celebrities who sent samples of affection and nice messages to Alejandra Guzmán, but the one that surprised the most was that of her arch-rival Paulina Rubio.

Although they already toured together, it is rumored that they do not have a great relationship due to the rivalry that existed between them for the love of Erik Rubín, which brought with it the creation of the hits “¡Hey Güera!” and mine”.

Due to the above, seeing the comment of “La Chica Dorada” surprised more than one, and that is that the interpreter of “Give me another tequila” only commented with a series of red heart-shaped emojis, so without saying more “La Guzmán” responded with a heart-shaped figure of a hand.

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