Anastasia Kvitko shows off her charms in a long red dress

Anastasia Kvitko shows off her charms in a long red dress

Thanks to Anastasia Kvitko’s silhouette, any garment that she usually wears immediately shows her off, this happened precisely with a Red dress which was fitted to her silhouette and caused her tiny waist and wide hips to stand out.

The curvy model recognized by her nickname as Kim Kardashian of Russia is enjoying what are surely some holidays in italy in the video she shared, she appears posing on her back, allowing us to appreciate the beautiful ancient landscape of this beautiful country.

Even though the beautiful Anastasia Kvitko who by the way is a native of Kaliningrad, Russia, 27 years old, is on her back, her silhouette as always alters the senses of those who see her, so it seems that for some it was more than enough to see her from a different angle.

At the bottom of your flirty dress which by the way reaches a little below her knees, has openings on the sides that leave her legs exposed, which although they are not seen in the video, just by imagining them anyone would be excited.

On this occasion, the one that some fans consider to be the lost sister of Demi Rose, she wore a pair of black bracelet sneakers as footwear, these stood out immediately upon sight.

@Anastasiya_Kvitko as you can find her in all her social networks, the model shared this video in her Instagram stories an hour ago, since the note began to be written, but in Show News we downloaded them for you, as long as you can enjoy them time you like

Anastasia Kvitko as influencer and businesswoman

The flirtatious model with prominent curves, like other media personalities and especially social networks, has also chosen to become a businesswoman, first starting a couple of years ago with a calendar, which she promoted precisely on her Instagram official.

It has also become the image of some important brands in the industry, thus its image as russian celebrity It is so important, because she is not just any model, she has also become an influencer because if her publications reach thousands of Internet users.

Currently, Kvitko has 12.3 million followers on her Instagram, a number that is constantly increasing, especially for her photos and also some videos that immediately make the hearts of her fans beat faster.

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