Anabel Pantoja goes to 'La Resistencia' to recover Cantora's stolen doll

Anabel Pantoja goes to ‘La Resistencia’ to recover Cantora’s stolen doll

Anabel Pantoja has been one of the protagonists of the heart press in recent days after it was known that she was pregnant after taking a test in ‘Save me’, news that she denied a few hours later after taking another test on her own. The ‘Save me’ pregnancy test was doctored, so actually she was not pregnant.

Last night Anabel Pantoja attended ‘La Resistencia’ as a public to see the interview that David Broncano did with Lucas Eguibar, snowboardcross world champion. Her presence alerted, in a comical way, to Broncano since he has on the program’s table a stolen Cantora doll that Omar Montes gave to the presenter.

“You won’t come for this, it’s mine huh! Tell your aunt to have taken care of it “, Broncano said to Isabel Pantoja’s niece, referring to the doll. “Be careful that as you turn around, maybe it disappears, I’ll take it back to your house.”

Anabel replied. “I come for her, I do not come to see the program, I come to get her back.”

After this Broncano asked her about her relationship with Isabel Pantoja and she affirmed that they get along. “Tell (Isabel Pantoja) that whenever she wants here is a public place to see the program “, the presenter of ‘La Resistencia’ told him jokingly.

Another famous among the public

Isabel Pantoja’s niece did not go alone to the set of ‘La Resistencia’: she was accompanied by Susana molina, former contestant of ‘The Island of Temptations’.

Anabel Pantoja said that her friend was a very fan of David Broncano’s program and that she had convinced her to go public. “I am glad that you are expanding our program among Isabel Pantoja’s family.” Broncano told her.

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