Ana María Aldón succumbs to aesthetic retouching

Ana María Aldón succumbs to aesthetic retouching

Ortega Cano’s wife has put herself in the hands of her trusted doctor

There are many familiar faces who decide to go through ‘sheet metal and paint’ to improve their image or touch up some defects that they were not happy with, and Ana María Aldón was the last to undergo this type of treatment.

Ortega Cano’s wife has been dropped by her trust center, the Libet Clinic, directed by Dr. José Manuel Gómez Villar, known for his interventions in ‘Viva la vida’, in which he reveals the aesthetic touch-ups that some famous people have undergone of the small screen. “Can you have a more beautiful company and have a better face than her?”, said the gathering.

This renovating makeover comes at a particularly difficult time for Ana María Aldón. The designer has thus found a place to relax and pamper herself shortly after the controversy shakes her family after the information regarding Michu, José Fernando’s partner, published by this newspaper.

While the collaborator of ‘Viva la vida’ assures that the couple has broken their relationship and that the wedding is an illusion, Rocío Jurado’s daughter-in-law maintains that they are still together and that they will go through the altar sooner rather than later.

In the middle of the controversy is Gloria Camila’s brother, who cannot comment on the matter because he is still admitted to the San Juan de Dios Hospital in Ciempozuelos to treat his addictions.

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