“There was no way I was going to leave him alone”: Ana Araujo says she was going to divorce Pablo Lyle before the incident that landed him in jail

Ana Araujo Pablo Lyle

The Mexican businesswoman made it known that the actor and she had determined to put an end to their relationship, but what happened in Miami in 2019 changed everything.

Ana Araujo’s life took a 180-degree turn after Pablo Lyle, her ex-husband, was involved in a traffic incident in Miami in 2019, in which he had a fight with a 63-year-old Cuban man, who died a few hours after the events.

Since the incident, Araujo supported Lyle in his legal battle to try to get out of prison. Despite the efforts, the U.S. authorities determined that the actor will spend five years in state prison followed by a period of eight years on parole.

The Mexican businesswoman also revealed how she is feeling emotionally and emotionally with everything she has been through, as well as the future of her relationship with the Mirreyes vs. The Sinaloa native chatted with Aislinn Derbez, who opened a space for her on her podcast, La magia del caos.

The guest revealed that beyond Lyle’s legal problems, which resulted in his sentence for reckless homicide, their relationship was not on the right track, as they were about to divorce, but with the arrest of the father of their children, the process was paused.

Ana Araujo | Pablo Lyle

The breakup and support

According to Araujo, what happened four years ago was a surprise, especially because, “Pablo and I were already in the process of divorce when all this happened. It really caught me off guard, because I didn’t have anything planned,” she explained.

In her narration, the actor’s ex-partner indicated that despite their differences, there was mutual openness to reach a determination of what was coming, “they were situations with which I am already very calm and at peace, for anything that can be said about it, we have already healed it”, she said.

Although Ana was clear that her future was not next to the famous, she questioned her decision and more when she saw her then partner in an adverse moment: “Seeing him so touched, there was no way I wanted to continue with that process, so I said: ‘Forget about this right now, let’s see yours first’,” she shared.

“I made this decision to keep in a drawer, what I felt and what I wanted and decide for the family, to be with him, because whatever happened in our relationship, the truth is that we have always been very good friends, there was no way for me to leave him alone,” she indicated.

But despite her solidarity, the also influencer realized that she could not postpone the issue of divorce, so in the middle of the histrion’s legal process she asked him for a divorce.

Ana Araujo shared an image on her social networks in which she was seen hugging photographer Marco Lavin

At the beginning of September, Ana Araujo shared an image on her social networks in which she was seen hugging photographer Marco Lavin. At first, not much was known about this new love stage in the life of Lyle’s ex, but weeks later the press gave it a greater follow-up.

Media outlets highlighted Lavin’s celebration of her 35th birthday, on October 4, by taking images of an Instagram Story in which the couple is seen in full celebration.

In fact, the publication even reprinted what Marco wrote on the images: “And how do you show your love to your girlfriend?

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