Twitch streamer Amouranth has built a truly remarkable career. Thanks to her streams, she has amassed one of the largest fanbases on the entire platform. When she reached the peak of her fame, she opened an OnlyFans account and drew tens of thousands of viewers to the payment platform. Overnight she built up a business that yields millions a month.


Now the 28-year-old has revealed how much money she earns monthly through her OnlyFans account. So far, no single creator of this size on the platform has provided such detailed insights. Amouranth shows not only how much money she is making each month, but also how many millions have been raised throughout her time on OnlyFans.

Her monthly earnings are currently in the range of around 1.6 million dollars. There is still constant growth. During her entire time on OnlyFans, she has grossed just over $33 million. 27 million of that goes to Amouranth, with the rest going to OnlyFans. An extremely lucrative collaboration for both sides.

Management for OF Creator

But Amouranth isn’t content with making big bucks from OnlyFans. The entrepreneur, whose real name is Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa, thinks bigger and has founded a management agency for other eGirls. This should help OF creators to earn more money and use their time more effectively.

“But let’s be serious now. I’m only able to do all of this because I’ve built an incredible team. Every Batman needs their Alfred lmfao. Check out @itsrealwork if you’re interested.”

“I’m trying to help others (only eGirls/OF GIRLS for now, but the PA services will be for everyone!) to create that kind of consistency at a super high level of performance. (We can also ensure you optimize your work hours so you can rest, have time to revive a hobby, or spend more time with the people around you)!”

Here you can see the income


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