Many weeks have now passed since the Hollywood ex-couple’s trial. A process that many should definitely remember. Amber Heard is now ordered to pay $10.35 million in damages for her slander and allegations against famous actor Johnny Depp. After the verdict was announced, it quickly became clear that the actress could not pay this amount under any circumstances.

She recently failed in court for a third time trying to challenge the jury’s verdict. Her appeal of the verdict was dismissed. The penalty must now actually be paid. However, she has not yet found a way to make this payment. Her fortune is significantly small despite the large film roles, as in Aquaman.

There are already numerous fundraisers in which their supporters now want to support them. In addition, she has now filed for bankruptcy and sold her house. With this application for insolvency, too, she failed again in an attempt to get around the payment.

A few days ago she also received an offer for a po*no shoot, which could help her out of the previous situation. However, the actress now wants to take revenge on Johnny Depp for this whole unfortunate situation. In contrast to her, Depp is doing quite well at the moment. Some of his film career is going better than before and his image has now been restored.

Heard’s revenge plans

First, Amber Heard hired a new team of lawyers after her numerous failed attempts to challenge the verdict. With the new lawyers, a new hope for success grows in her. Elaine Bredehoft’s work, which she has previously represented in court, was classified by Heard as highly unsatisfactory.

The new legal team that she has recruited, including David L. Axelrod and Jay Ward Brown, gives her a chance to potentially get out of her $10.35 million claim after all. With this new team, she now wants to force her ex-husband and Hollywood star Johnny Depp back into court. With a new legal strategy, she now develops revenge plans against Depp.

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