The princess Amalia from Holland turned 18 this past December 7 and her coming of age has been accompanied by strong media pressure from all sides. If the kindest chronicles speak of an idyll with a German millionaire that the young woman is keeping a secret, in Holland her birthday party has raised a lot of dust since everything indicates that the heir to the throne did not respect the country’s Covid restrictions.

But according to Rutte, even King William Alexander himself has ended up recognizing that perhaps the convening of a party of these characteristics was not the best idea. These facts contrast with the statements of the heiress about her institutional role.

“If I can prevent a bad situation through diplomacy, if I have been able to make the world a little better, then I will be happy. I am at the service of my country. I give my life for Holland.” Amalia said in an authorized biography.

She begins to face the weight of the crown. More and more information about her private life. If weeks ago there was speculation about a secret affair with Prince Gabriel of Belgium, now news is emerging about an affair with a young German, Isebrand K, from a family of wealthy Westphalian businessmen.

According to the newspaper “Bunte”, they have been seen in an affectionate attitude on the Brooklyn Bridge where the couple traveled to spend Thanksgiving.

The possible courtship with Prince Gabriel would be a prohibited relationship, since the Belgian Constitution – which became independent from the Netherlands in 1830 – does not allow the Belgian throne to fall into Dutch hands.

The idyll with a wealthy young German would put an end to the impossible love story between Amalia and Gabriel, which is sure to disappoint the most romantics.

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