Amador Mohedano will record his own ‘documentary’ about his life with Rocío Jurado

Amador Mohedano record his own ‘documentary’ about his life with Rocío Jurado

The name of Amador Mohedano has been one of the most pronounced in recent weeks in the gossip press, all of this as a result of the broadcast of ‘In the name of Rocio’, the second part of the docuseries by Rocio Carrasco focused on unmasking the members of what she considers “her media family”.

The brother of Dew Sworn He has been forced to defend himself against the accusations that his niece has leveled at him, among other things, regarding his role as representative of ‘the greatest’. The He considers that many of the things that have been told about him and other members of his family “are lies and barbarities” that only harm the image of the chipionera artist. That is why the ex-husband of rose benedict and father of Rosario Mohedano has decided to record his own documentary (and it will not do it on Telecinco). Amador has chosen the ‘Youtube’ platform to narrate what he considers his truth to the general public. He will do it hand in hand with the well-known youtuber Juanjus to whom he recently gave a long interview on his channel, CadenaJuanjoVlog.

At the end of this month, and for several days, several specials will be broadcast from Chipiona in which Amador Mohedano will be able to respond to everything that the woman from Fidel Albiac has said about him, about the family and also about the one that in the end has been, is and continues to be the great protagonist of this entire network, Rocío Jurado.

It is not ruled out that the youtuber and Mohedano go together to ‘Rocio Jurado Interpretation Center, The Voice of the Millennium’, whose official opening took place last week and whose initial competition was a matter of Amador himself. It should be remembered that no member of the media family or the association dedicated to the artist were invited, and no mention was made of them, all after spending more than fifteen years watching over the figure of Rocío Jurado. During this special other faces related to Rocío Jurado will also offer their testimonies. From some member of the Cultural Association ‘RJ’ La Más Grande to politicians, or simply anonymous people from the town who want to contribute another reality different from the one that has been told on television.

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