Alfonso Herrera confirmed the end of his marriage to Diana Vázquez. The former RBD member shared a press release on his Twitter account to announce his separation from the mother of his children.

In his public message, the Mexican interpreter pointed out that he ended his love story on good terms for the well-being of their children together.

“As you know, I have always kept my personal life aside from the professional one, but because of the affection and respect that my family, the public and the media that have followed my career deserve, for the only occasion I will issue a statement on the situation. we are going through ”, indicated the actor at the beginning of his message.

“For a long time, Diana Vázquez and I have decided to continue our lives in different ways. This situation occurs by mutual agreement and on friendly terms, always wishing us the best, with much affection and respect. We continue to be great friends and allies for the beautiful family that we have formed, he added.

Finally, Alfonso Herrera ended his statement with compliments to Diana Vázquez, who became his wife since 2016.

“Diana became my accomplice on the journey and with her we have given life to our beloved children. She is an exceptional mother, a strong woman and has a huge heart ”, he expressed.


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