After Alex Rodríguez and Jennifer López ended their relationship, the rumors have not stopped in order to discover why they put a stop to their love.

Each one has gone their own way and although there was speculation on social networks about a supposed depression in Alex, everything seems to indicate that the former player found a replacement for JLo.

A surprising post shared by the Suelta la sopa program revealed on Saturday a photo of Rodríguez very smiling with an attractive young blonde for whom no further details are known.

The image awoke the hornet’s nest of rumors where they are sure that Alex already has a new girlfriend. “Dinner with the big boss. Thanks for dinner, Arod!” They mentioned in the description of one of the photos.

Alex Rodriguez ya tiene reemplazo para Jennifer Lopez 1

While this is happening, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck seems to be serious. After 17 years of that relationship in which there was “a genuine love”, as JLo herself said in 2004, the fire was reborn after the ashes.

At that time, the diva from the Bronx assured that perhaps in the future they would meet again and thus as it happened. With that message of omen, almost two decades later the successful singer and the Oscar-winning director met again.

In March, given the rumors about the breakup of Jennifer López and Alex Rodríguez, the couple denied that they were separated, stating jointly that they were “working on some things.”

But it seems that the efforts did not give an optimal result because on April 15, the singer and the former athlete confirmed that their two-year commitment had ended.

On April 22, Affleck was seen at the Hotel Bel-air in Los Angeles with JLo being dropped off by the white Cadillac Escalade that later took Lopez to a business meeting.

Since then and until now, clandestine dating has continued. Thus, on April 28, Ben was seen leaving Rodríguez’s ex’s house in Los Angeles, which is near the iconic hotel.

According to TMZ, it all started in February when JLo was filming her new movie in the Dominican Republic and was going through a serious crisis with Rodríguez.

According to the media report, Jennifer and Ben began sending more than friendly emails. On one occasion, Ben wrote to her to tell her how much he wished he could be there with her.

At the time, he was in Boston filming “The Tender Bar” under George Clooney, and she was still engaged to A-Rod, who visited her on the island to rebuild the relationship.

Hence, when JLo returned to Los Angeles they began to have secret meetings and according to different media, Alex Rodríguez was in “shock” after hearing the news of her ex’s romance.

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