• Alex Hoyer, boyfriend of Danna Paola, comes out in her defense of the Mexican singer and asks to stop criticizing her body for how thin she is

Danna Paola does not stop, and after launching her most recent musical success, the spotlight has focused on giving her opinion on something that is beyond her talent and this new facet that the singer is exploring within her style. .

Well, despite the great reception that “XT4S1S” has had, many Internet users and show communicators have focused on addressing the weight of the “Elite” actress.

This is due to the fact that in recent events where Danna Paola has been seen, she looks thinner than when we saw her play “Lucrecia Montesinos” in the Netflix series, which has alerted some of her followers, who consider that the fiction jumped to reality.

It should be remembered that in the first season of “Elite” the character that Danna Paola embodied confesses that she “always looks fat”, which makes her stay thin.

However, Danna has ruled out suffering from an eating problem on more than one occasion and instead has spoken about how criticism for her weight has affected her, which at some stage of her career was criticized for being higher than that marked by stereotypes of the entertainment world.

Even so, the Mexican managed to get ahead and remove the stigma of weight from her mind, although it is unknown if after the emergence of new criticisms that have arisen about her weight, the singer has revived raw memories.

Therefore, her boyfriend, Alex Hoyer decided to break the silence and finally come out in defense of his beloved partner, with whom he has been seen at various events, including concerts in which one of the two has appeared before his fans. .

Thus, before the cameras of the entertainment media, according to the Herald of Mexico, Alex Hoyer established that it was necessary “to stop commenting on the body of women.”

“I think Danna is doing a great job in her career, she is doing a great musical job, she is putting together a great project around her musical career and I think the focus has to be there 100 percent. She’s fine, she’s completely fine, she’s healthy, she’s happy, she’s enjoying everything she’s doing, that’s what matters to me.”


However, Alex Hoyer also pointed out that it is impossible to control everything that is said, so it only remains to try to focus on the work of the artists and not on their physique.

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