• The all-electric Alice plane from a Washington company has flown for the first time, which could mark a milestone for zero-emission aviation and the next generation of aircraft

Alice, the zero-emission aircraft traveled to an altitude of 3,500 feet for its eight-minute maiden flight, the world’s first all-electric passenger aircraft.

The feat was accomplished by Israeli company Eviation Aircraft, which successfully launched the Alice Tuesday morning from Grant County International Airport in Washington.

This flight is a pioneer in the technology unveiled by Eviation, as mentioned by its President and CEO, Gregory Davis, “We have seen no change in aircraft propulsion technology since we went from the piston engine to the turbine engine. It was in the 1950s that completely new technology like this was last seen.”

According to the data sheet, Alice produces no carbon emissions, significantly reduces noise and costs a fraction per flight hour to operate compared to light jets or high-end turboprops.

With battery technology similar to that of an electric car or mobile phone and 30 minutes of charging, the nine-passenger Alice will be able to fly for one hour and about 440 nautical miles. The aircraft has a maximum cruising speed of 250 knots, or 287 miles per hour.

Alice is available in three variants including a nine-passenger traveller, a sleek and sophisticated six-passenger executive cabin and an eCargo version. All configurations support two crew members. Executive and eCargo cabin variations are identical to the passenger configuration, except for the interior.

The company hopes to use the information gathered during Tuesday’s flight to review next steps and hopes to work on developing an FAA-certified aircraft through 2025, followed by a year or two of flight testing before Alices can be delivered to customers. customers.

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