Alessandra Rosaldo

Alessandra Rosaldo makes strong revelations about her state of health

Although her life has become public domain, thanks to the reality shows of her husband, the producer and comedian Eugenio Derbez , Alessandra Rosaldo is usually very reserved in some aspects of her privacy.

In an interview with Karla Díaz , on her Pinky Promise program , Derbez’s wife confessed that her illness had her on the edge and shared the changes she experienced during this time.

“All these first months of 2021, my son, scare after scare. So, it has been very strong, but I’m fine. Blessed God, I’ve always enjoyed perfect health and I’ve always felt good, but when suddenly you start to feel bad, very bad, you get scared, “said Alessandra .

The singer did not want to reveal what condition she had in this state of alert and assured that she is in optimal condition right now. “Fortunately I have nothing serious, but I have lived very strong months of that, of concern above all, of anguish and also already fed up.

“It’s a very weird thing because you go from ‘I’ve never felt this before’, to worry, to scare, to getting used to living like this and then to, ‘again?’. I’m already so used to this feeling, to feel all these things that I am no longer scared but I am already fed up, “said Rosaldo .

The Opposite Senses vocalist said her illness could be due to hormonal changes and stress.

“I think that in my case it is a jumble of things. It is physical, absolutely physical, but it is also emotional; it is the stage of life I am in, the hormonal process because of my age, obviously. It is a jumble of many things. , I got the ball together and then it was not pretty. I am aware that it is a process, “said Alessandra. 

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