After Sasha Sokol’s revelation about the abuse she suffered from producer Luis de Llano, a message emerged from an Internet user stating that he was waiting for Blandón’s complaint against Derbez when they both worked together.

The text took such a stir that Regina herself came out to deny this situation. For her part, Alessandra also took advantage of her meeting with the press in Mexico City to make it clear that Eugenio is an honorable man.

Faced with the first questions from the reporters, Rosaldo said: “Oh, my God! I ask you to please respect me because my daughter is here, point number one, and point number two, never in my life!”

Hearing that Regina said that she put her hands in the fire for Eugenio, the singer replied: “Me too, that is, if there is a gentleman in this world, he is my husband.”

On the other hand, the member of Senses Opposites expressed her support for Sasha Sokol for having publicly denounced Luis de Llano.

“She has all my respect and all my support and my admiration, because it takes a lot of courage to have taken the step that she took and I applaud her, admire her, accompany her and I am with her one hundred,” he declared.

Finally, the interpreter said she felt very lucky not to have suffered abuse in her professional life. “No, no, I never saw anything, nor was I a witness to anything, nor did I experience anything, thanks be to God.”

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