Aislinn Derbez is one of the most beloved celebrities by the Mexican public , not only as an actress, but also as an influencer and podcaster; She has more than 12 million followers on Instagram alone, because she is a very charismatic and very beautiful woman, in addition to the fact that she has many things to tell. On this occasion, she captivated her followers by uploading a photo in a flirty green swimsuit.

After her separation from Mauricio Ochmann, Aislinn Derbez has gone through a process of change, growth and maturation , she even launched her podcast ‘La Magia del Caos’ to share her experiences and thus help people who are going through difficult times, in addition to which for her has also been therapeutic, since it has brought out many things that hurt her.

Now, both Mauricio and Derbez have new partners and are very happy , but they are still Kai’s parents and seek to get along as well as possible for the well-being of their daughter, that is why they live together as a family.

Aislinn is always in flux

Yesterday, March 18, Aislinn turned 36 years old and now she has commented on how she is changing for the better , because in her description she wrote the following: “(photo1) me after exercising and taking a bath vs (photo2) me dying of sleep from wearing 2 weeks waking up at 5am to meditate and write (never thought I would). I have changed my habits a lot lately and that makes me very happy. It costs too much yes, but the rewards are enormous.”

Aislinn Derbez has gone through very difficult times in recent years , she went through a very difficult divorce, but fortunately in recent months her private and professional life has improved. She now looks more radiant, beautiful and is full of projects. After working a lot on it, she has managed to put aside what others say about her and before her that worried her a lot.

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