“We have communication. Alejandra Guzmán is working internally, she is a very pretty woman. She has been a friend of mine for many years, since I was in Garibaldi, and well, she would like to have a reconciliation and I wish her and Frida Sofía, that I hope they achieve that reconciliation; both the Guzmán and the Pinals are very important families in the history of Mexico”, commented Sergio Mayer to the press.


“Everything is possible. When there is forgiveness, when there is understanding, when there is empathy everything is possible, it does not have to be possible,” added the deputy.

Mayer also revealed that he is willing to help Frida sofia as a violated woman, just as he did with the actress Danny berriel.

“If she looks for us, I had contact with her father (Pablo Moctezuma) for some issues that he consulted me and nothing else, and it turned out that he requested the same lawyer who is the one with Danny Berriel, who is Javier Olea and is the lawyer who is wearing it. It’s the whole relationship I have with her.”

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