Exercise is an important part for the beautiful actress Aleida Nunez, she has been going to the gym since she was 16 years old, now she has also added yoga as another discipline to exercise her body and mind, as proof of this she appeared in a publication with her head charms.

For years now, the beautiful celebrity of Telenovelas in Mexico has shared content in which she presumes us the result of years of training in the Gym with different devices that have molded her perfect silhouette.

In addition to exercising constantly, the beautiful Aleida Núñez also started another discipline that not only helps her with her figure, but also relaxes her mind, doing yoga for a couple of months she has been sharing content where she shows us that she is already an expert.

She demonstrated this in one of her most recent publications in her social networks where she appears with her head charms, since she is in a position that makes her look quite simple, but that requires great effort and above all strength.

“Remind your mind of your greatness, your immensity, passion and strength,” said Aleida Núñez.

In the image appears the pretty singer supporting herself on her arms, with her legs raised and slightly open, and also resting a little on the metal structure of one of the devices that she must have used before.

The actress is wearing a sports outfit perfect for her silhouette, it is made up of a pair of leggings and a top with wide straps that reach just below her charms, exposing her ribs and a little of her waist with her marked abdomen.

“Hello, happy Saturday, I see that you are in your exercise routines to maintain the strength of your well-shaped legs and your great and beautiful attributes of a divine figure,” commented a fan.

In addition to the photo of this beautiful social media celebrity, she also shows us a short video where she is in this position, which surely took her a short time to perfect, especially since her body is quite strong and she always tries to be relaxed.

Several comments Aleida Nunez received in this publication from two days ago on Instagram, especially indicating that whatever she does, she looks divine and especially perfect.

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