Aída Cortés and Angie Brand crossed words: “I know that hurts you”.

The content creators went at each other on their social networks over the rivalry that was generated when the Santander-born model stopped being the one with the highest turnover in webcam modeling.

During the last few years (and especially during the covid-19 pandemic), the devaluation of the Colombian peso against the dollar allowed the webcam modeling boom in Colombia. As a considerable sector of its clients are foreigners and payments are made with the U.S. currency as a base, when converted into Colombian pesos, many of its exponents accumulate significant profits.

Despite the great controversy that has been unleashed against this phenomenon, due to the relationship that a sector of the population makes with pornography or prostitution, the truth is that platforms such as Onlyfans (the most popular, but not the only one) provide facilities to offer adult content to which even some celebrities have joined.

During the last few years, Aida Cortés was elevated to the status of great referent of webcam modeling in the country, after she revealed in 2021 that she could get to earn about 10,000 dollars a month (about 120 million pesos) for subscriptions to her account on that platform.

However, in recent months competition has emerged after a large number of users on social networks highlighted the appearance of Angie Brand, a 19-year-old content creator from Valle del Cauca who has become a favorite among consumers of this adult content. Her monthly earnings are currently around 45 thousand dollars (about 177 million Colombian pesos at the current exchange rate), so it did not take long for a rivalry to arise between the two women.

In a question and answer dynamic on her Instagram account, Aida was asked if she had seen a strip of someone whose name was not seen, due to the fact that the content creator herself covered it up. In this regard, the santandereana responded that she is not focused on that rivalry because she is busy with her own personal projects:

“Guys, I’m not pending to anyone’s tirades, and much less to someone who suddenly wants to use my name or my image to say ‘ay, I compare myself to her’. First of all, you should not compare yourself to anyone, because you are unique, and secondly, you should look at the numbers, right? And we would have to see the achievements and life and many other things; but that does not matter. We are not competing with anyone, everyone has their own life, and I am sure that at this moment I am doing much better, so… it doesn’t matter. Let her go ahead, but alone. Without using my name because I am Aida. I am not the one who threw this one or the one who compares herself to that one, or the sister of I don’t know who. I am Aida Cortés. Just that.”

Angie Brand did not take long to respond in her instant stories and accused Aida of incoherent, for pointing out that she was not looking out for her, and apparently she was:

“Nena, you are contradicting yourself, you are very inconsistent with what you say and what you do, so batteries with that, well… I never compared myself with absolutely no one, I only gave the news of how much money I was earning, and obviously the media took care to inform everyone and spread the news everywhere. Another thing is that they compare us, and I know that hurts you”.

In the stories she shared the evidence that Aida herself follows her in her personal accounts, implying that the Santander native is aware of what she publishes. Next, Angie pointed out that she is not to blame for the comparisons they receive on social networks and in the media, and assured that she does not compare herself “with absolutely no one”:

“In case it is not clear to you baby, I have not stuck on absolutely nobody’s fame, I have come out ahead on my own merits, not hung on anybody’s fame, ok? So, all by myself, I have made it all happen”.

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