The rumors that have been sounding for a long time suggest that the artist and the presenter have a relationship that goes beyond the professional sphere

Since it was published that Sara Carbonero and Kiki Morente had put an end to their supposed case, the gossip that relates to Toledo with Adrián Torres, the artist who kept an affair with Lara Álvarez. The rumors began as a result of a professional project that brought them together, which consisted in the elaboration of a mural by the painter with the presenter’s face as the focus of the work.

In addition, their complicity in social networks, where they usually comment and like their respective publications, also helped make the idea that there could be something more than friendship between them was increasingly possible. At the moment, none have commented on the matter and it is expected that they will not do so in the future.

Nevertheless, Adrián Torres did want to open up through his Instagram account about the reason that led him to love portray Sara Carbonero in her mural. The artist has shared a deep reflection that deals with the ups and downs of life, in a clear reference to everything the journalist has gone through in recent years, from cancer to her divorce from Iker Casillas.

“Life is learning, but sometimes this knowledge comes through hard experiences that cause us a lot of pain. If we can see beyond, and learn the lesson, we can enjoy life more from another perspective and be happier. Something from all experiences, good and bad, stays with us and makes us grow and appreciate more who we are and what we have.” Adrián Torres has written on his social networks, along with an image of Sara Carbonero posing in front of her mural.

In addition, the artist has explained that it was these words that led him to make his beautiful work with Sara Carbonero as the protagonist. “In that reflection I was inspired to paint this mural”, he concludes.

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