The presenter of Hoy Día, Adamari López, showed off her cleavage in a swimsuit in a pool at night and surrounded by friends, who told Telemundo’s La Chaparrita a message via Instagram.


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The Telemundo presenter, Adamari López, enjoyed a night in the pool in the company of her best friends and wearing a swimsuit with a deep neckline. In addition, they gave him advice at the time of the toast.

“In the good times, in the bad times and in the times I told you it hangs ****”, was the motto of the toast of Adamari López’s friends but as part of her striking Tik Tok that she publishes on the Instagram account her. Many that should be delimited have taken some as hints to her ex Toni Costa. However, the presenter of Today is worth it and she has also said that she makes money. Let us remember that the monetization of the Puerto Rican in social networks is not small.

This added to the fact that originally Adamari López is an actress and one of the best. She just she becomes famous for this. So it is normal to see the Telemundo star making funny videos that some take as hints, but the truth is that most enjoy and laugh and the comments section of Telemundo’s La Chaparrita indicates so.

A few days ago, Adamari López traveled to New York for the Puerto Rican Parade and there she was named Boricua Pride. And that is how she feels. She there she unleashed her dancing to the rhythm of the room and the bomb. For years that she has the driver in the United States, every liter of her blood remains Puerto Rican of the best strain.

Just those Tik Tok have been a trigger for alleged Puerto Rican romances. We have seen her dancing with some handsome leading men but the truth is that they are part of the joke that Adamari López loves to do. In many interviews she has said that she is healing internal things, that therapy has been a great help and that she wants to find answers and be very much with herself before entering a new relationship.

Because it must be said, Adamari López entered her 50s more beautiful than ever. She is now a fitness woman who does not hesitate to show off her beautiful and great body. Of course, the leading men have not been long in coming, but until now, the darling of Hispanic television is still single and dedicated to raising her beautiful daughter, Alaïa Costa.

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