Icon. Bearing. Elegance. Professionalism. Love for acting and Colombian television. Many pages are missing to describe the life and work of Colombian actress Raquel Ércole , who died at dawn this Monday at her apartment in Bogotá at the age of 81.

The mother of Patricia Ércole (another well-known Colombian actress), Guido and César Díaz Ércole, came to Colombian television in 1963 with the telenovela ‘El 0597 está desconectado’. From that moment on, her face became one of the most recognized and admired by Colombians.

Later, the also professional dancer, appeared in more than 30 productions between film and television.

Some of the most remembered titles that featured Raquel Ércole’s leading role were ‘The Devil’s Hoof’ (1983), ‘The Stone Angel’ (1986), or ‘Why did they kill Betty if she was such a good girl? ‘ (1989-1991). 

So far the causes of the death of the famous actress born in Neiva on February 20, 1940 are unknown .

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