Actress of ‘The Queen of the South’ dies after attack in Cuernavaca

Actress of ‘The Queen of the South’ dies after attack in Cuernavaca

People waiting for their children’s practice to end witnessed the murder of Mendoza and they tried to protect themselves from the bullets, running and looking for a place to take refuge. Police and emergency services rushed to the scene, but the actress no longer had vital signs.

So far the aggressors have not been found. This was not the first assault Tania suffered. In 2010, she was kidnapped along with her husband and her son, on that occasion, according to the interpreter herself reported to the State Prosecutor’s Office, several hooded subjects assaulted the car wash that she had with her partner.

They were transferred to another location, but were released without harm. Upon returning home, the family realized that the criminals had taken several belongings and a car. Days later, she continued to receive threats to leave Morelos, as she herself told the authorities.

The actress, who died at the age of 35, participated in several soap operas, was also part of a regional music group, in the last hours Tania became the third woman murdered in the State, although at the moment the authorities have not been pronounced on it.

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