The famous Costa Rican artist Maribel Guardia, was visiting some television forums and during her time on Telemundo, she managed to meet one of its most important actresses today, Kate of the Castle who is playing the protagonist of the series La Reina del Sur in its third season that has just premiered.

That’s why the Influencer decided to take a picture with her, she appreciates her whole family very much and in the description of the image she made it very clear, she was very happy to be able to meet her and above all to be able to be in front of the camera capturing this photograph that her followers they love me.

Maribel was wearing an elegant and dazzling red dress, while the interpreter of Theresa Mendoza was wearing a black one, both of them very smiling and with all the energy to continue working.

The piece of entertainment managed to attract the attention of many Internet users, more than 13,000 people have already liked it and many others have also decided to dedicate some time of their day to write a nice message.

The 7.8 million followers of Maribel were more than excited to see that this meeting was proof of this, they also invited us to see the new chapters of this season that came loaded with drama and with a lot of action of course, which you can see through the channel Telemundo at 8 PM CDMX time.

The two are very close friends and of course they had to take advantage of the moment to have a little chat, of course everything went very quickly because the two still had many pending, they have very tight schedules.

Maribel Guardia is currently participating in a play called “Lagunilla mi barrio”, which she has shared with us and which she performs on weekends, she invites us to visit her and enjoy her live performance, waiting for warm applause which is the energy that motivates her to go ahead in this type of event.

“Corona de Lágrimas 2” was being broadcast, a project in which she was working on many recordings and continuing the story that began 10 years ago and that now seeks to keep viewers glued to their screens, right on the edge of the hundred what will happen next.

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