Lucila was 16 years old when on April 21, 2003 she was going to her grandmother’s house

Isabel Yaconis, the mother of Lucila, the adolescent murdered while resisting a rape in the vicinity of the train station in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Núñez, highlighted this Wednesday that the judicial case “is still active” 18 years after the crime. He assured that the main suspect in the event is a Former inmate who in 2003 was involved in sexual abuse committed near where his daughter was killed.

Isabel highlighted the work of the experts of the National Gendarmerie and the National Bank of Genetic Footprints, which registers the DNA of convicted rapists and then compares them with the genetic profiles of unclear cases.

In that sense, he explained to Télam that “There is still a large population in the prison services for those convicted of sexual crimes who did not enter the bank.”

“The cause continues to have movementsWe had requested a DNA counter test with a rapist who is serving a sentence and we had a negative result; now the prosecution is looking for a man who, the year of the event, carried out a crime of abuse, very close to the place where Lucila was passing that April 21, “he remarked. And he added: “To this day he cannot be located, although it is hard to believe, the cause is still active.”

Previously, the woman thanked through the social network Facebook the support to all the friends that “life gave her” and stressed that her daughter “will always be present in their hearts.”

While the Association Mothers of Pain, of which Isabel is co-founder, also published on her Facebook wall a photograph of Lucila accompanied by the following text: “Oh my love, I wanted you to know that many aromas awaken countless memories, make us think of you permanently. We have been looking at you for eighteen years, loving you in photos and in our memory. Little one, it is very sad that you have not been allowed to grow old … they robbed you of the great possibility of living. We love you with our soul ”.

Isabel, the mother of the young woman stressed that the court case

Isabel, the mother of the young woman stressed that the court case “is still active” (Télam)

Lucila was 16 years old when on April 21, 2003, she was going to her grandmother’s house and on the way she was beaten and suffocated by a man when she resisted a violation a few meters from the level crossing of the train station in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Nunez, where there is currently a square that remembers it.

The case, in which there was never a single defendant, is still in charge of the Núñez-Saavedra District Prosecutor’s Office and the 15th Buenos Aires Investigating Court of Karina Zucconi, who ordered the last steps carried out.

“When two days after my daughter was killed they told me that there was a DNA sample from the murderer I thought: ‘How spectacular, we already have it'”, he remembered Isabel long ago with Infobae about those sad days when her daughter had been intercepted by a man who later killed her. “There I put my nose against the wall,” she said, resigned.

After the crime, she was co-founder of Mothers of Pain and from the association was one of the main promoters of the gene bank of rapists, created by Law 26,870, sanctioned in July 2013 and promulgated after its publication in the Official Gazette ten days later.

In the murder of Lucila, the rapist left his DNA this is the crime scene and this was precisely the first registry to be formally incorporated into the aforementioned bank.

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