Woman denounces that Easyfly gave her her dead dog on her way to Cali

Woman denounces that Easyfly gave her her dead dog on her way to Cali

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María Fernanda and Homero when he was a puppy. Instagram @ mafe_echverry18 

This Thursday, a woman identified as María Fernanda Echeverry denounced on her Instagram account that the Easyfly airline gave her her dead dog, after a trip to the city of Cali. The woman reported, in her publication on the social network, that she bought the ticket “making it clear that I was traveling solely and exclusively with my puppy (in the cabin) ”, but that, when he arrived at the Puerto Asís airport, he was told that he had to send it through the warehouse.

Echeverry said they gave him no justification for preventing them from traveling together. “We never parted ways, I always traveled with me as long as necessary and due to company policies without clarifying they made me change my pet’s mode of travel (they had told me that I could travel in the cabin and at the last minute they told me that I had to go in the hold ), I insisted that they let him travel with me, I insisted and insisted, but it was NOT resounding, ”said the woman.

Faced with the threat of missing the flight, she accepted and demanded that Easyfly be located comfortably, but upon reaching Cali, she found Homer dead. “When I got off the plane I ran to see it to receive it eagerly and I found a shocking scene, it was under all the lifeless suitcases, they did not locate it as they should and they did not give him enough space to breathe ”, in addition, according to a video that he shared in his Instagram stories, the animal’s crate was wrapped in a bag.

A recent photo of Homer before he died. Instagram @ mafe_echeverry18

A recent photo of Homer before he died. Instagram @ mafe_echeverry18 

The woman added that the airline gave Homer, an American bully, “like any other object” and that, for her, they evaded any kind of responsibility. María Fernanda said that she consulted with an expert who told her that the cause of death could be due to hypothermia and later due to hypoxia, which is when there is not enough oxygen in the blood and the dog must have stayed in space before starting the passenger cabin, behind the pilot’s cabin.

Journalist María Camila Díaz shared the video of Homero on her Twitter account after the plastic was removed from his crate. “I can not of sadness. I just looked at the internal posts on Instagram and I see one from Mafe Echeverry. He tells me that he traveled from Puerto Asís to Cali. In the airline @EasyflyVuelos they did not let him take his dog in the cabin. They made him buy a guacal”.

Easyfly’s response

On the morning of this Friday lThe airline issued a press release in which it stated that the woman did not present the documentation required to transport Homer in the cabin, “Which includes a medical certificate of emotional support and vaccination card, for which reason the company offered the passenger the option of transporting it in the hold of the plane in a crate, as appropriate in these cases.”

He also said that they, as transporters, do not know the health conditions with which the animals travel or the temperatures they can withstand and that their owners must inform them and determine whether or not the animals can travel with the aeronautical regulations. “Easyfly expresses its condolences to the passenger and will reinforce the questions in its protocol so that the owners can determine if in the case of a trip in the hold, the breed and the conditions of the animal meet what is necessary for transport.”

In addition, in his statement he reiterated that his procedures and protocols are in accordance with the Aeronautical Regulations of Colombia (RAC). Finally, he explained that for the transport of animals in the warehouse they have a pressurized area to “guarantee adequate transport from the origin to the destination.”

Twitter @easyfly

Twitter @easyfly 

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