Wendolee’s baby is out of danger now;  must learn to breathe and eat by herself

Wendolee’s baby is out of danger now; must learn to breathe and eat by herself

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The singer went through a 28-hour delivery that culminated in a spectacular cesarean section (Photo: Instagram @Wendoleeayala)

These have been difficult days for Wendolee Ayala as Hannah, your newborn baby is still admitted to the hospital where she is receiving necessary care to get ahead, after the infection she contracted at birth on January 7 after a complicated 28-hour labor.

And it is that since that day, the former participant of the first edition of The academy he used his social networks to request his 57 thousand followers raise a prayer to ask for the health of the little girl, who unfortunately aspirated meconium, the first feces of a baby, at birth, a fact that led to pneumonia that keeps the girl hospitalized after receiving intensive therapy in a hospital in the United States, where the singer lives.

Several days after keeping an eye on her baby’s health and after having her symbolically baptized in the hospital, Wendolee shared more details of the situation in a talk with the program Windowing:

Hannah suffered pneumonia and has been hospitalized since January 7 (Photo: Wendolee's Instagram)

Hannah suffered pneumonia and has been hospitalized since January 7 (Photo: Wendolee’s Instagram)

“Things are getting better for me, Hannah, which I have to be thankful for, Just yesterday they removed the ventilator, she was intubated and yesterday they finally removed it, right now she has oxygen, she is very desperate because she is a ten-day-old baby, we have great faith that we will take her home soon ”, he began to tell.

With better courage to greet the hosts of the program, the former academic revealed that the girl weighed 3 and a half kilos at birth: “She is chubby like me” and explained that during the development of her pregnancy she had no complications, so she never expected her baby to get an infection:

“Everything was going very well, my whole pregnancy was perfect, we never had any indication that there was an infection, I had no fever, the girl was perfect, when we were in labor everything indicated that she was perfect. Suddenly it was when I started to get pre-eclampsia, I started to get a fever, the girl started to get sick and that’s when they put me in for a cesarean section. The problem was not so much the duration of the delivery but the infection that they did not catch on time, it will be a later issue for lawyers, “he said, hinting that he will analyze the situation to define whether there was medical negligence.

Wendolee appreciated the shows of support for her baby and asked her followers to continue praying for Hannah (Video: Instagram @wendoleeayala)

What I’m sure is that I did everything my doctors told me and that someone, I don’t know who it was, didn’t realize that there was an infection inside the placenta, inside the amniotic fluid, and that caused all thisI don’t know whose fault it is but we are going to investigate it. This cannot happen to another family to another mother, where one presents and trusts the doctor and suddenly they tell you ‘you had an infection’ and the girl was swimming who knows how many days in this infection, ‘he said.

Wendolee said that she has not been able to feed her daughter, however she has expressed breast milk to save it and, when the girl is fit, she can consume it:

“I have not been able to feed her because she has been intubated, in fact I did not meet her until after two days, when they open the cesarean section, they take her immediately. I have a very strong memory, where one of the nurses approaches my husband who was next to me and He says ‘please get closer to the girl because she will not survive’. Imagine me tinned on the plate listening to this, it was a very strong impact”He recalled.

In recent days the singer symbolically baptized her baby (Photo: Wendolee's Instagram)

In recent days the singer symbolically baptized her baby (Photo: Wendolee’s Instagram) 

The baby will now have to continue recovering and Wendolee celebrated that, according to the doctors, her little Hannah will not suffer health consequences.

Right now she is out of danger, much better, the prognosis is that she has to learn to breathe and eat by herself. He continues to remove the oxygen and a catheter that had to be placed from his little leg near his heart to be able to deliver special food and medications. To be able to gain weight so that we can go home.

“(The sequels) have been discarded and blessed God until now Hannah he has no sequelae, obviously we are going to see his growth but he has no heart problems, his lungs are already recovered, his brain is completely fine “, the singer counted with more enthusiasm.

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