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Valeria Mazza wants face-to-face classes to return (Intratables Video, America)

“I have been here in Punta del Este since the beginning of December. We swabbed and complied with the quarantine. We have had a house here for many years. We reunite the family. It is part of our custom. We have been here for over 25 years. The logical thing was to come. All year we were in Buenos Aires. We don’t travel anywhere. We have a Uruguayan residence, so we enjoy Las Fiestas here, “he said. Valeria Mazza about his stay in the neighboring country while sharing the news of Valeria Mazza House, the project he devised with the interior and design company Walmer.

From Uruguay, where she launched the decoration proposal with a line of avant-garde interiors and Italian heritage that includes furniture and lighting objects, the model spoke with Intractable, for America. “We entered and the country was closed around the twentieth of December. No one else was allowed to enter, except those who had already purchased tickets. You can see a different Punta del Este … quiet. Argentines, very few. There are no social events, other than meeting in the houses. Much outdoors”Valeria said as she walked through the store set with her furniture.

He also added: “People take care of themselves. They were open all year. Now they are very worried. Unlike us, who were locked up all year and now we have lost respect for the disease, for everything … This did not happen. We have to keep taking care of ourselves. I don’t know if it’s fatigue, that people think it’s not going to be so dramatic … I’m still a little scared. I would not like to catch it ”.

Valeria Mazza launched her decoration line (Photo: Pablo Kreimbuhl)

Consulted by Diego Brancatelli On how she saw the situation in the neighboring country, Valeria added: “Until the end of January the country will be closed. This is seen everywhere. But there are sectors. On the weekend we went through the rambla in Montevideo and it was exploded. In Punta del Este there were people on the weekend of Las Fiestas, but now you go to the beach and social distancing is natural because there are no people ”.

In that framework, Ernestina Pais He asked how he talked about the pandemic with his teenage children. “Up front, with all the information. We are very clear. I have two who are already of legal age. So we tell them: ‘This is what I believe, but you are an adult, take responsibility for your decisions.’ We educate them to make decisions from a young age. This is an important decision, because it has to do with their lives and that of those around them, “said the model in relation to Balthazar (21), Titian (18), Benicio (15) and Taína (12).

Valeria Mazza with Alejandro Gravier and her children (Photo: @valeriamazzaok)

Valeria Mazza with Alejandro Gravier and her children (Photo: @valeriamazzaok)

In charge of conducting the program, Paulo Vilouta he wanted to know how he saw the possibility of going back to school. “We have been talking about the issue of education in times of pandemic for a year. The boys have to go back to school. The issue is that we continue to talk today about how they return, when we should have prepared since March of last year. I believe that schools have to be open, ”he answered forcefully.

And I add: “Saying that school is a place of contagion, when the boys are in the squares, on the beaches, at parties, clubs… it doesn’t go any further! They have to go back. What happens is that the pandemic has also put the inequality that exists on the table. So we talked about connectivity or the building situation. The issue is to see with the situation we have, how we organize ourselves so that the boys go to school “. Then she said that when the pandemic began, both she and her husband, Alexander Gravier, they completely stopped their work activities because neither of them are essential workers.

Finally, when Brancatelli asked her if she would get the vaccine, Valeria replied with a smile: “Oh, I don’t know! I hadn’t thought about it … I think the possibility of getting vaccinated is going to come a long time. Among the essentials, people at risk, the elderly … But I would consult with my doctor. If my doctor tells me ‘get vaccinated’, I will get vaccinated ”.

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