Former President Donald Trump took dozens of secret documents to his private residence in Mar-a-Lago, where the FBI even found some related to the nuclear capabilities of a foreign government; several of these files are considered “top secret”, indicates the Department of Justice

Former President Donald Trump took at least one document outlining the nuclear capabilities of another unnamed government, FBI agents at the Mar-a-Lago FBI operation found.

This was revealed by The Washington Post based on information from sources related to the classification of the documents.

It is unclear who is providing the report, as currently only the Intelligence Directorate can review such papers, as part of its work to assess the damage Trump would have caused to the national security system by taking the documents.

“Some of the seized documents detail top-secret US operations so closely guarded that many top national security officials are unaware of them,” the sources consulted by the Post said.

They added that these documents could only be reviewed by the president and some members of his cabinet or officials close to him.

“Some special access programs may have as few as a couple dozen authorized government personnel to know of the existence of an operation,” the newspaper recalled.

It adds that the records of certain operations are kept “under lock and key”, almost always in a compartmentalized information facility, even with a designated control officer to carefully monitor their location.

However, those documents were more than 18 months in the private residence of former President Trump in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

The documents found in Mar-a-Lago, including those already classified by the National Archives after a first recovery, showed that these files should have been protected, such as “secret”, “confidential” or “top secret”.

“A preliminary classification of the documents with classification marks revealed the following approximate numbers: 184 unique documents with classification marks, including 67 documents marked CONFIDENTIAL, 92 documents marked SECRET, and 25 documents marked TOP SECRET,” revealed the Department of Justice.

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