The 19-year-old man was arrested in Memphis after multiple shootings, police said, after live video surfaced online showing him walking into a store and shooting a man.

The Memphis Police Department reported that they arrested Ezekiel Kelly, suspected of attacking at gunpoint at various points in the city during the afternoon of this Wednesday.

Through its social networks, the agency explained that the 19-year-old suspect was a fugitive and had broadcast the attack on his social networks.

The suspect is now in custody hours after multiple shootings prompted a citywide alert, Memphis police said.

Court records revealed that in February 2020, Kelly, then 17, was charged as an adult with attempted first-degree murder, aggravated assault, use of a firearm to commit a dangerous felony, and reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon. Records show that he pleaded guilty to three years in prison. It was not immediately known how much of the sentence he had served.

At the time of his arrest, local media reported that Kelly was injured when he crashed into his car before being cornered by police in Whitehaven, a city in the South Memphis area.

Meanwhile, the security alert for the region was lifted. Previously, police warned residents to shelter in place and stay indoors while the suspect remained at large.

In a fragment spread on Facebook, the 19-year-old entered a store and shot at a man who was walking in the aisles of the store.

Some witnesses report that the shooting would have started at a gas station and then the man got into a car to go to other places to shoot, so far the number of victims and affected businesses is unknown.

Memphis has recently been rocked by several shootings in recent weeks, including the murder of a pastor during a daylight carjacking on his driveway, the murder of an activist during an argument over money, and the murder of a woman. who was kidnapped while on a pre-dawn run.

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