Los 10 mejores jugadores de Minecraft: los speedrunners de Minecraft más rápidos

Top 10 Minecraft Players: The Fastest Minecraft Speedrunners – Video Games

The Minecraft RPG sandbox has been around for over a decade, and many of its loyal players have been exploring its blocky world since the beta. Whether you prefer to modify your Minecraft experience until it’s nearly unrecognizable, or explore the world endlessly in its normal state, the hours most Minecraft players put in can be staggering. However, some are working backwards, trying to complete the game as quickly as humanly possible. Here are the ten best Minecraft speedrunners, and their times, in random seeds at 1.16+ without any issues.

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10. Megelimc — 9:16.343

Megelimc actually struggled with this speedrun, which was noticeable in parts of the submission time. A standard tactic for defeating the Ender Dragon is to hang the dragon on the pole and use the detonations from the beds in The End to take out the Ender Dragon. Megelimc brought four beds that weren’t enough to finish it thanks to an explosion forcing them to switch to an ax to finish the job. Still, RNG prevailed in this race, as is the norm in Minecraft sprint: that extra bed would have been down three seconds, tops.

9. Cubo1337x — 9:08.82

This run would probably have been a bit better if Cube1337x hadn’t gotten stuck in the Fortress part, chasing Blazes while trying to dodge hordes of Wither Skeletons around the 6 minute mark. Unfortunately, Minecraft’s fast execution lends itself to some RNG influence, which ended up costing a few seconds while running. However, clocking in just over 9 minutes from spawn to death for Ender Dragon is no small feat.

8. DougThePig — 9:07.741

True to his name, Doug the Pig takes his pig-centric Minecraft skin through everything the game has to offer in just over nine minutes, with a little hiccup with the classic Piglin RNG. After three minutes, Doug walks through a lava-filled Y-level and almost instantly transforms it into a Nether portal with a bucket of water, setting up a great example of some Minecraft sprinting strategies.

7. Feinberg—9:00.487

Spawning on a treeless island, Feinberg takes advantage of a nearby shipwreck to quickly obtain iron and a singular diamond, opting to fell masts for timber. This spawn quickly becomes beneficial, as Feinberg builds his Nether Portal within two minutes of spawning. Some difficulty finding gold blocks increases your time in the Nether, though this is offset by a quickly found Blaze spawn.

6. Plata—8:47.927

Playing in his native Serbian while commentating in English, Silverr delivers Minecraft’s first sprint in under nine minutes for all 1.16+% clear of the top ten. Notable in his run is the nerd-pole decision to the Ender Dragon, having to use multiple beds as he can’t land the direct hits needed to drop his health by four hits. Fortunately, he brought several beds.

5. Colon — 8:47.223

Playing in Croatian, Korone brings some unique tech to his sprint, using the swimming animation to crawl through a 1×1 chasm and gates to avoid being cooked by lava, all within the first minute of the race. . There were two instances of bad RNG with this run: the fortress was far from the starting Nether portal, and it took too long to find the Blazes. Without it, this race might have been the best, with fantastic Piglin tries and gold finds.

4. Royalty—8:39,218

Reignex had a short time at the top of the sprint leaderboards for Minecraft 1.16+ any% without any misses with this run. There are about 20 seconds between this race and his best time, and it is difficult to see where the time could be made up. There’s a slightly missed jump to the fortress at 2:23, and the distance from the portal to the lower fortress could be shorter, but at this point we’re talking about slashing the seconds rather than resuming the sprint as a whole .

3. Sagi_Enderman – 8:36,658

Interestingly, Sagi_Enderman has the first 1.16+ sprint in the list where we can see the Nether biomes that were added in 1.16, in the third minute. It’s a short-lived raid, as it’s little more than a way to reach the Fortress. This distance, between the original Nether Portal and the Fortress, is apparently the worst RNG offered in the entire run. Lots of processes from Piglin and Blazes make the Stronghold aspect of this run one of the shortest on this list.

2. Zylenox—8:27.473

It would be interesting to pick up the Zylenox seed and see how fast it could work, as it’s a fantastic seed with the Nether Fortress location. It’s a completely different category though, and when it comes to default seeds, there are simply better ones out there. Still, there’s no denying that Zylenox not only got a fantastic seed, but also managed to capitalize on almost every aspect of the race, posting a time of 8:27.

1. Doggil—8:15.537

Doogile claimed the best speed of 1.16+ any % with no misses with 8:15, and Zylenox came close with his 8:27 run, two months after taking the top spot. Doogile holds the undisputed world record for an approved standard Minecraft Speed ​​Race: a near-perfect Blaze spawn allowed the player to quickly stack Blazes, while other racers struggled to gather the rods needed for them. eyes.


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