They win a .3 billion lottery prize, the third largest in US history

They win a $1.3 billion lottery prize, the third largest in US history

It is one of the biggest lottery jackpots in the history of USA and the odds of getting it were 1 in 300 million

A Mega Millions game ticket sold in the state of Illinois this Friday obtained a jackpot of US $ 1,300 million, according to the organizers.

The prize can be collected in two different ways: the entire amount can be received through spaced payments over 29 years or about $780.5 million in cash can be received immediately.

The biggest prize of Mega Millions to date was US$1,537 million in 2018 and was won by a single ticket.

However, the biggest jackpot the lottery has ever delivered in the United States was in the game of Powerball, in 2016, that awarded US$1,586 million that were shared by three winners.

The second largest jackpot in US history was awarded in 2018 to a single winner in South Carolina who took home $1.537 million.

In the case of the final prize corresponding to this Friday’s draw, it was originally estimated at US$1,280 million, but it was higher due to the notable increase in the number of tickets sold.

The website of the Mega Millions indicates there was only one winner and, later, employees of that company confirmed that the ticket had been sold in Illinois.

The ticket was sold at a gas station in a Chicago suburb.

So far no one has claimed the prize.

The last time someone had won the Mega Millions was last April 15 in Tennessee. Since then, the prize has been growing week by week, which has increased the incentive to buy tickets.

The Mega Millions is played in 45 of the 50 US states, as well as Washington DC and the Virgin Islands.

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