Johnny Depp returns to 'pirate life' away from his role as Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp returns to ‘pirate life’ away from his role as Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp has returned to the scene, not to star in a new role in some new movie, but to put a face to the protagonist of a video game. Despite the fact that the actor put on the pirate outfit again after five years, nothing could be further from ‘Jack Sparrow’. Johnny is the protagonist of a famous video game.

Although the rumors about the possibility that the American reincarnated again the symbolic character of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ saga, were created as a result of the judicial dispute that he had for defamation with his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

After the aforementioned trial, with Depp’s victory, his name has been “cleared” and there is the possibility that he will reincarnate one of the most recognized protagonists in cinema worldwide. Those at Disney have not yet ruled on the situation and have not confirmed that the possibility of  him returning as ‘Jack Sparrow’.

The aforementioned rumors lost strength when the actor himself mentioned that “I would not play Jack Sparrow again even if they paid him 300 million dollars”.

The video game promoted by Johnny Depp

The veteran actor is the face of Sea of Down, a pirated FTP (free-to-play) video game that has been developed by the Chinese video game company Changyou. According to the LevelUp portal, since its launch in 2007, this game has maintained a base of 300 million users,

Johnny Depp’s role in the game is that of a retired Irish pirate, known under the name of Phillip Artoosh, whose physical appearance is characterized by his white eyes, his cane and his advanced facial features.

In the video game trailer, Phillip can be seen in his home, while he receives a visit from a collector who finally listens to the protagonist’s stories, with a humorous tone typical of Johnny Depp himself.

The actor himself has spoken on this subject, mentioning behind the scenes: “If there is an opportunity for humor, I will take it. I want to see a character that has the right nerve to do things that I would never do.“.

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