They leave several clues: this healthy lifestyle influencer would be Pautips’s new boyfriend

They leave several clues: this healthy lifestyle influencer would be Pautips’s new boyfriend

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One of the topics that generates the most controversy around the Colombian influencer Paula Galindo, known as Pautips, is her love life. During the last weeks the topic has become a trend again because the internet star confirmed on January 12, during a live on Instagram, that after three years single she had met someone. The influencer did not reveal who she is dating, but her followers and several pages on social networks assure that her new partner is Ronald Moscoso, who is also dedicated to promoting content on the internet about healthy lifestyles.

One of the tests of the supposed romance between Pautips and Moscoso is a trip to Miami (United States) that they would have made together. The makeup influencer spent the end of the year in the American city and during the first days of January she took the opportunity to visit the Disney theme parks, from where, of course, she uploaded photos and videos to her social networks.

In one of the content published by Pautips she is seen holding hands with a man who wears a black watch identical to one that Moscoso usually wears. In addition, for the same date the influencer also uploaded stories to Instagram where he is seen in the Disney parks.

This is not the only trip that the couple would have made together, because during the last week Pautips published that he was getting to know the Cocora Valley, in Quindío, and Moscoso also uploaded to his Instagram that he was in that same department.

The rumors are even stronger since during the live in which the influencer confirmed her relationship, she assured that the person she is dating he is helping her maintain a healthier lifestyle and maintain a “closer” relationship with God. Moscoso fits the description because the man is a nutritionist and is also known to be very religious.

Likewise, in recent months Pautips has been seen in networks taking extracts of different fruits daily and it is speculated that this has been due to the influence of Moscoso. Several of the recipes that the influencer has uploaded have been on Moscoso’s YouTube channel for a long time, where he teaches how to maintain an ideal weight and publishes healthy recipes, mainly based on fruits and vegetables.

The whole issue of healthy lifestyle habits also has to do with what Pautips is in a recovery process because he suffers from bulimia, an Eating Disorder (Eating Disorder). The influencer assures that she already feels healthy and that she can recognize that in previous years she was not well, which is a great advance for a person who suffers from an ED. However, he admits that sometimes he feels bad about his body again, but her new partner is helping her through the process.

“He is a person that I admire a lot and that was what struck me, he has a lot of content, and a different way of seeing the world. He is a person who is helping me to heal a lot and not only because of the medicines, but he is a person who believes a lot in God and I feel that he is drawing me closer to him, ”said Paula Galindo.

The influencer looks happy with her new relationship and assures that she did not think she was going to get romantically involved again because she describes herself as a very demanding woman. Further, she said that she dated people who only saw her “as a prize” for the number of followers she has on social networks, which on Instagram already exceeds 8 million.

In the same way, he already warned his fans that she does not want to be pressured to bring it up as she does not want to make the relationship a public matter. Pautips explains that her previous courtship, which she had with fellow content creator Felipe Zuluaga, became well known and when it ended the consequences were serious and more painful.


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