They found a man who survived 18 days lost in the forests of Australia

They found a man who survived 18 days lost in the forests of Australia

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Robert Weber, 58, was found near a dam by a local owner Sunday morning, after he was last seen on January 6. leaving a hotel in Kilkivan, about 200 kilometers north of Brisbane.

Queensland police said early indications suggested Weber’s car got stuck in mud on a road.

He stayed in his car with his dog for three days before running out of water“Said the police in a statement.

Then he went out on foot, got lost and stayed in a dam, where he survived by sleeping on the ground, drinking water from the dam and eating mushrooms.”Added the police.

Weber's transfer to receive assistance at the hospital

Weber’s transfer to receive assistance at the hospital 

Rescue teams they had suspended the search by air and land, finding no trace of man despite having examined “dense bushes, rivers, dams and rugged terrain in humid conditions.”

It was a state congressman who located him. “He was sitting under a tree, waving,” said Tony Perrett, who continued to search for him with his wife Michelle. “We have been through this dam several times in the last week. It was extraordinary when we saw him, he was very lucky, “he added, in statements collected by ABC.

Weber was taken to hospital “suffering from exposure to the elements but was otherwise safe and well,” police said, explaining that your dog has not been found.

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