The important sum of money that Drake has lost in a sports bet

The important sum of money that Drake has lost in a sports bet

Drake bet this Tuesday on the victory of the fighter Justin Gaethje, favorite in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in front of Charles Oliviera. However, what the singer did not expect is that the opposite would happen and with it he would lose a significant sum of money.

However, this is not the first time he has seen how his money for sports vanishes.

Drake goes through a rough patch in betting

Last Tuesday, Justin Gaethje was facing Charles Oliviera and Drake decided to bet on the platform ‘Stake’, but, to his surprise, in just four minutes, Oliviera knocked down and completely knocked out his rival, and also to the singer’s pocket. But such is this game and betting.

This unexpected ending cost Drake dearly, he lost half a million dollars. The surprising thing is that, if the opposite had happened, the musician would have won up to 1.3 million dollars. Amount with which he could have perfectly recovered what he lost a few months ago.

The Briton is a well-known fan of these bets and it would not be the first time he has lost a significant sum of money. Already in March, the ex-partner of Rihanna lost up to $275,000 by making a mistake and bet on the victory of Jorge Masvidal in another UFC fight.

Other celebrities who bet

Drake isn’t the only singer and showbiz celebrity dabbling in and taking a liking to gambling. Harry Styles who declared himself a fan of roulette, has invested large amounts of money and even has a large tattoo on his left shoulder which sayd ’17 black’.

The hobby of the actor George Clooney is also known to the bets. Such is his hook that he even bet on his own life. Clonney bet on his castmate Michelle Pfeiffer that he would never marry. To his bad luck (or not) he lost scandalously having been engaged four years ago and today he is the father of twins.

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