Police identified this Tuesday a subject who starred in a series of shootings in the city of Denver and the nearby town of Lakewood, both in Colorado, in which five people lost their lives and two more were injured.

Lyndon McLeod, 47, who died after confronting the Police, was accused of opening fire on Monday at various points in Denver y Lakewood, without specifying the causes yet.

Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen indicated at a news conference that the individual “security agencies were on the radar“, since it was the subject of two “previous investigations” in 2020 and at the beginning of this year, without “state or federal criminal charges” against him.

Lakewood Police spokesman John Romero said at the same conference that one of the deceased was identified as Danny Scofield, 38, who was shot by McLeod at a tattoo parlor.

This Tuesday Sarah Steck, 28, a hotel employee with whom the attacker held a “Very short conversation” before firing at her, Romero explained.

The Denver Post newspaper noted that one of the three victims in Denver was identified by family members as Alicia cardenas, 44 years old.

Romero noted that McLeod eventually confronted a Lakewood police officer while walking through the Belmar shopping area. After being injured, the policewoman managed to hit the attacker.

The first shooting occurred on a street in Denver after 5 p.m. local time on Monday (00:00 GMT Tuesday). In that incident the suspect shot three people, two women were killed and a man was injured.

Shortly thereafter, there was a second shooting in which another man was killed, and later a third incident occurred in which there were also shots but no injuries.

The police located the suspect’s car and there was a chase with an exchange of shots without injuries. The suspect managed to escape, although he was again involved in another event, already in Lakewood.

In that place, the suspect carried out another shooting with another deceased person. Shortly after, he shot a hotel worker and later confronted a policewoman whom he injured.

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