They investigate event without permits with Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro

They investigate event without permits with Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro

Puerto Rican authorities, with the support of federal agencies, announced this Tuesday that they are investigating the Christmas event in a public residential (neighborhood) on the island where the singers Rosalía and Raw Alejandro performed.

The event, which gathered hundreds of people at the Virgilio Dávila residence in Bayamón on December 26, did not have authorization due to the rebound in COVID-19 infections in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Police officers participate in the investigations together with the Security Division of the Department of Health and Internal Revenue of the Department of the Treasury, with support from federal agencies, according to the official statement.

As part of this investigation, the note indicated that “the process of summoning and interviewing the possible parties and everyone who has participated, sponsored or collaborated has already begun”.

“An event that does not have the permission to be carried out by the pertinent authorities turns it into an illegal act. This implies that no merchant, professional, talent or equivalent can provide services in that space or place,” he added.

The Spanish singer Rosalia participated with her boyfriend, the Puerto Rican Raw Alejandro, at the concert in the popular neighborhood, which also featured the presence of other artists such as Rafa Pabón and Randy.

One of the people summoned to the Bayamón command on this day was the show producer Rolando Santa, who disassociated himself yesterday with a statement from the organization of the event.

The producer explained that his company, Chad Events, had asked the authorities for permits to hold the event at the request of various artists and that, given the negative response, he did not participate in any other management of the concert.

The head of the Public Housing Administration, Alejandro Salgado, reported on Monday that he did not authorize the event as it was necessary to “continue with the efforts necessary to prevent and stop the spread of COVID-19”.

Although the requested authorization was denied, the event took place, which led to the current investigation.

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