New York Mayor criticizes Bolsonaro for coming unvaccinated

New York Mayor criticizes Bolsonaro for coming unvaccinated

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, arrived in New York without being vaccinated, as required by local authorities and recommended by the United Nations, provoking the outrage of the mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio.

In the meeting he held this Monday with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the South American president boasted: “I have not yet been vaccinated,” he said with a laugh while his interlocutor recommended the British AstraZeneca vaccine.

But the mayor of New York, the Democrat de Blasio, did not like Bolsonaro’s attitude too much.

“We must send a message to all the leaders of the world, including and very particularly to Bolsonaro, from Brazil, that whoever wants to come must be vaccinated”, because “we should all be safe together”. Said de Blasio to the press.

The mayor demanded last week that all members of the delegations that participate in the United Nations General Assembly that begins this Tuesday, be vaccinated.

The intervention of the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, has prevented Bolsonaro from having to stay on the street. Guterres alleged the uneven lack of access to vaccines from developing countries to be more permissive with visitors to the facilities of the multilateral forum.

The mayor recalled that the city is helping delegates who want to be vaccinated. “Today we have a vaccination bus outside the UN”, he said before adding that “We are happy to vaccinate everyone and for everyone to keep the city safe.”

A slice of pizza

The Brazilian president was photographed on Sunday eating a piece of pizza standing on a New York street, due, according to the Brazilian press, to his refusal to be vaccinated for the coronavirus.

In all public places in New York it is necessary to show the vaccination certificate with an identity document.

“Luxury dinner in New York”, joked on Twitter the Minister of the Secretariat of the Presidency, Luiz Eduardo Ramos, in a tweet published on Sunday night and illustrated with a photo of Bolsonaro enjoying a piece of pizza with several members of your delegation.

“Let’s go for Pizza with Coca Cola,” Tourism Minister Gilson Machado wrote on Instagram.

“Bolsonaro likes to simulate simplicity and modesty at times like this, but it is not a matter of taste or choice, but rather an imposition of the law in force in New York,” the famous columnist Reinaldo Azevedo explained on the website of UOL news.

The Brazilian president will deliver the first speech at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, before his American counterpart, Joe Biden.

Much criticized for his management of the health crisis, Bolsonaro, who often says that he is already immunized after being infected with coronavirus last year, has repeatedly affirmed that he will be “the last Brazilian” to receive an anticovid vaccine, of which they have already been injected 222 million doses in your country.

More than 590,000 people have died in Brazil from covid-19.

After arriving in New York on Sunday night, he had to use the back door to enter his hotel and not run into the protesters who were waiting for him outside the main entrance shouting “Out with Bolsonaro!”, According to the press.

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