Netflix exceeds 200 Million Subscribers

Netflix exceeds 200 Million Subscribers

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Netflix, the new meeting place for video game adaptations, has just broken a new record!

In its last quarterly report, the streaming platform Netflix announced that it had broken a new record by exceeding the threshold of 200 million paying subscribers simultaneously.

For the full year, we added a record 37 million paid memberships, achieved $ 25 billion in annual revenue, and increased operating profit 76% to $ 4.6 billion.

It was during the fourth quarter of 2020 that Netflix exceeded 200 million subscribers thanks to the arrival of 8.5 million viewers on the platform. A record that places Netflix at the top of the podium for streaming services with the largest subscriber base. Indeed, according to the latest news, Disney + has for its part a total of 86 million subscribers.

As a reminder, Netflix is ​​the new home for the various adaptations of our favorite video game works, starting with the successful series The Witcher which has just resumed filming of its Season 2, including the various adaptations of the Resident Evil saga.

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