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That Cristiano Ronaldo is the most competitive in the world is not new. With this innate quality, the Portuguese striker has forged a legendary career in which among the countless titles and records he has won are the five Ballon d’Or, one less than Messi. But few know that Cristiano, as a child, aimed at a biker, that he liked speed and also, why not say it, do ‘the goat’.

Orderly, strict and responsible in his physical preparation to almost exaggerated limits. This is how Cristiano Ronaldo has been showing himself throughout his stage as a professional at Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus and with the Portuguese team. Leonel Pontes, who guided his first steps at Sporting de Portugal, has just revealed the most “irresponsible and unconscious” episode of Cristiano.

He has related it in an interview with the newspaper Express. In it, he recalls how bad it happened when in his native Madeira he invited Cristiano to take a motorcycle and he left without a helmet, speeding up and doing wheelies. He confesses that it was one of the most tense moments of his life: “I have a small motorcycle at my house in Madeira and I asked Cristiano: Do ​​you want to go for a ride? Do you know how to ride? ‘I know, I know’, I He replied, I gave him the bike. When he accelerated, the front tire was up, he did a ten-foot horse with the tire in the air and his feet dragging. I put my hands on my head: ‘What is he doing?’ He disappeared around the bend. That moment that passed between when he disappeared and arrived was a martyrdom for me. I will never forget how bad it was. He was irresponsible and unconscious. When he stopped in front of me my heart skipped a beat. And he was all happy”.

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