Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene passed a phone with Donald Trump on the line to rogue Republican Matt Rosendale amid the House Speaker crisis

It was a tense moment during Friday’s vote to elect the new Speaker of the House when Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene passed her cell phone with Donald Trump on the line to an anti-Kevin McCarthy “rogue” Republican on the floor of the camera.

The image that was captured by the graphic press shows Taylor Greene with the cell phone in his hand with the initials “DT” of the former president trying to pass the communication device to the Republican Matt Rosendale.

Rosendale, who was in charge of voting against McCarthy for all four days, appears to ignore the Georgia congresswoman’s call and said “present” on the 15th ballot, helping to secure McCarthy’s vote.

On Saturday morning, Greene shared the image on Twitter amid reports that the former president had spoken with Republicans who opposed newly elected President Kevin McCarthy.

“It was the perfect phone call,” Greene tweeted along with a Bloomberg News photo showing her holding a cell phone displaying a call from a contact named “DT”: Donald Trump.

Greene later also shared a photo of herself with McCarthy following the speaker’s choice, writing, “Congratulations Mr. Speaker!”

On Wednesday, Greene — who from day one became McCarthy’s most ardent supporter — complained that three anonymous McCarthy opponents had sought committee seats for themselves, while she had not applied on her own behalf.

“You’d think I’d be the one out there asking for something, but I haven’t. But I found out that it’s my Freedom Caucus and my so-called friends that went and did that, and they didn’t ask anything for me. Nothing. That’s what I found out there,” Greene said.

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