Man hospitalized for coronavirus for 223 days leaves hospital after being

Man hospitalized for coronavirus for 223 days leaves hospital after being “resuscitated” four times

Kearl Thomas, a man who was hospitalized for coronavirus 223 days in a Utah hospital, in USA, left the compound after being resuscitated four times, intubated five times and subjected to cardiopulmonary resuscitation for 17 minutes.

Thomas fought against coronavirus after having returned in early January from Arizona. In this place, he met with his grandchildren and children, where one of them decided to get engaged.

However, everything changed when her daughter learned that a friend she was with before the trip had tested positive for coronavirus. Thomas initially tested negative, but after a few days he developed a severe fever and was immediately taken to the hospital.

From this moment, the most worrying eight months that he has ever spent in his life began, since he was on the verge of losing it. Kearl does not remember very well what happened between the comings and goings, but the pain and discomfort were always present.

I love my family, I love my children, I love my three grandchildren. So I kept fighting and thanks to the skill, education and training of the wonderful healthcare professionals, they brought me back.” Commented Thomas already from his home.

Thomas currently has a difficult recovery ahead of him as he grapples with the post-traumatic stress disorder that his hospital experience has brought him. However, the man believes that he will be able to get ahead with all his might.

I have never heard of someone who has survived eight months in a hospital and can walk out with a walker. I immediately asked Dr. Frampton, I asked all the doctors, ‘Do I need to get vaccinated?’ And they all said, ‘Yes.’ So I made sure to go get vaccinated two weeks before I left there.” He deepened.

The vaccine produced side effects for two days, “But it was nothing compared to the violent pain and sickness that I experienced”. Finally, Thomas was emphatic and sent a message to the citizens of the world: “Get vaccinated. Use me as an example of what can happen, because it was horrible.

The number of deaths in USA amounts to 643,669 with 39,549,299 infections. It should also be noted that 175 million people have been fully vaccinated in the country, which represents more than 10 million in the last month.

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