Kamala Harris, the first woman to give graduation speech at West Point

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris became the first woman to deliver the commencement address at West Point Military Academy in New York State.

Harris warned the graduates that they are entering an “unstable world” where long-held international norms are no longer followed in the speech that has been released by the White House itself.

“Russia’s aggression is an attack on the lives and liberty of the Ukrainian people and an attack on the international rules and norms that have served as the basis for international security and prosperity for generations” he has said.

He also spoke about China’s presence in the Indo-Pacific, calling the country a threat to the “freedom of the seas” and the “rules of international trade” and has warned of “persistent terrorism” and “an accelerating climate crisis” around the world.

Harris already made history in 2021 as the first woman to give a commencement address at the Naval Academy and in 2022, she spoke at the Coast Guard Academy graduation ceremony, CNN reports.

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