Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez confirmed her marriage to actor Ben Affleck with an image shared on social networks, where she shows off her luxurious wedding ring after celebrating their union at Little White Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas.

As if that were not enough, JLo made the official announcement of her marriage through her website On The JLo, where she told unpublished details of her marriage, place of celebration, and an extensive message of love.

We did it. Love is beautiful, is kind and turns out is patient. Twenty-year-old patient. It was the best possible wedding we could have imagined. One we’ve dreamed of for a long time and one we’ve made a reality (in the eyes of the state, Las Vegas, a pink convertible, and each other) finally, for a long time,” wrote the actress and singer.

“They were right when they said, ‘all you need is love.’ We are so grateful to have that in abundance, a wonderful new family of five amazing children and a life we ​​have never had more to look forward to. Stay long enough and you just might have the time of your life in Vegas at 12:30 AM in the tunnel of love, with your kids and the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with. Love is a great thing, perhaps the best of things, and it’s worth waiting for,” she added in her letter.

The newsletter was signed by ‘Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck’ and included photos of the newlyweds and videos of the couple in preparation for this special day. In addition, images of the actor in the bathroom of the chapel and the Bronx diva with her wedding dress are included.

The interpreter of “Jenny from the Block” announced last April her commitment to Affleck, with whom she resumed her romance in early 2021, almost two decades after putting aside her marriage plans and taking different personal paths.

Since last year, celebrities have been quite recurrent on red carpets and public walks around the world, alone or accompanied by their respective children: López had two with her ex-husband, singer Marc Anthony; and Affleck three with Jennifer Garner.

Lopez, 52, and Affleck, 49, began dating in mid-2002 and became engaged that same year, but postponed the wedding and finally called it off in 2004, although they have assured that their friendship remained throughout the years, years before they were given a second chance.

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