Canada will transport the light shows to the Grand Central Terminal with this experience

Canada is the ideal destination for winter adventures due to its freezing climate, cozy atmosphere , and unique attractions like the Northern Lights.

But for those unable to visit maple country this season, a new immersive experience dedicated and inspired by the auroras will be installed in New York City.

Into the Northern Lights: An Immersive Experience , organized by Destination Canada, will bring natural beauties to New York’s Grand Central Terminal from December 9-11.

Visitors and users who walk through the Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Terminal will be able to enjoy this attraction that promises to transport them in front of the Canadian landscape without leaving the city.

The auroras will be found in an interactive installation presented by Canada, El Hogar Del Invierno.

“For the first time, travelers will be able to walk through the Northern Lights thanks to an interactive floor-to-ceiling mirror light display that creates a stunning audio and visual experience that emulates the wonder of this natural phenomenon in Grand Central. Terminal ”, the spokesperson for the tourism organization said in a press release.

To access the immersive experience, it is not necessary to buy tickets or queue, since it will be open to all users of the Grand Central Terminal who walk through its corridors and visitors who want to appreciate these natural beauties.

The only requirements are the use of a mask and a vaccination certificate.

The attraction will be open on December 9 and 10, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on December 11 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The presentation of the experience is expected to spread as its popularity grows these days.

Destination Canada is organizing a drawing to send a lucky winner and a companion on a special trip to Canada , worth up to $ 20,000, this winter season for “a dream vacation.”

The creator of Into the Northern Lights: An Immersive Experience will include roundtrip flights, accommodation and activities or experiences that can be experienced during the trip as a walk to see the Northern Lights in real life.

Both the experience and the giveaway is an effort by the organization to help rehabilitate the tourism industry in Canada after opening its borders to international travelers.

“Canada is home to most of the best places in the world to see auroras. The combination of north latitude and low light pollution makes it one of the best places on the planet to see the Northern Lights, ”said Destination Canada representatives .

“Between 80-90 percent of the accessible land within the auroral oval, the region with the highest geomagnetic activity and the brightest and most frequent displays of northern lights, is in Canada,” they added.

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