Former FBI Director Anticipates “Dangerous” Days, Compares Trump to “Kingpin”

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London, Jan 17 (EFE) .- Former FBI director James Comey warned this Sunday that the United States faces “dangerous” days before the departure of the current president, Republican Donald Trump, whom he compared to a “mafia boss” .
“I have never seen an adult with a greater need for reassurance than Donald Trump. I have only seen it in children of two or three years,” Comey said in an interview with the British channel Sky News.
“Reassurance is like air (to him). He needs it constantly and that’s what he does is make the next seven days so dangerous in America, because he feels reassurance is slipping through his fingers and without a doubt he feels betrayed by those around him, “he added.
Before the inauguration of Democrat Jon Biden next Wednesday as US president, the former director of the FBI, fired by Trump in 2017, assured that the Republican is “a populist demagogue capable of saying anything at any time to try to win the support of the people. “
“There is an aspect that people do not usually see. There is something threatening in him that feels in private, but not in public. I have noticed it when I have been sitting near him. He constantly reminded me of a mafia boss, because I have met a lot of mob bosses and I’ve helped put them in jail, “Comey said.
Asked about the possibility of new riots in the coming days or weeks, he said he was “concerned” in this regard.
“There are armed and disturbed people who believe that their country is being taken from them, and that constitutes a threat that the US authorities must take very seriously,” he stressed.

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