Facebook has just formalized Bulletin, a platform for writers and journalists. An independent platform to the social network.

Facebook is a giant. It cannot be summed up in its sole social network platform, as it integrates diverse and varied products, and so many products and services in its purse. The Menlo Park firm regularly launches new services to test the market, most of the time. Here is for example Today Bulletin.

Facebook launches Bulletin, an independent platform for journalists

A while back, we heard rumors that Facebook was working on a newsletter platform targeting writers and journalists looking for a way to distribute their work. If it’s something that might interest you, you might be happy to hear that Facebook has just launched Bulletin.

To offer their content and find their audience more easily

According to the official statement, “our unique ability to help talented people find and connect with their audiences and the markets they need to thrive gives independent journalism a great opportunity to thrive. The popularity of our Local Groups and Pages has shown us that people are hungry for local and meaningful content produced by experts and other trusted voices.”

So how is Bulletin different from a Facebook page or group? According to the American giant, creators will have their own website that they can customize at will. The articles they write may also contain embedded media. It will also be an independent product, in other words, although it obviously uses a number of Facebook tools and features, it will exist outside of the Facebook site and application.

Currently, Bulletin is not open to everyone. Facebook is still testing its platform with some handpicked authors and journalists, but it’s a safe bet that will change very soon.

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